Hidden Design Festival Queensland

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Explore the Hidden Gardens of Queensland

Exciting news for garden lovers – some of the best and most exciting garden designs of Queensland are about to be opened to the public for a single day in March, and I am very excited to have one of my very own Clare James Landscape Designs involved.

The Hidden Design Festival is an annual event where the lucky owners of truly stunning gardens open their doors for the general public to view their outdoor spaces without having to resort to peering over the fence. The event, which takes place on March 5th this year, sells tickets for a wonderful day of inspiring landscape design.

The Australian Institute of Landscape Designers and Managers (AILDM) are behind this event, which is an opportunity to showcase the very best of Queensland garden design and show new gardeners the bold and beautiful results that careful planning and beautiful plant combinations can provide.

Festival of Outdoor Design Queensland

“Taringa” – a Tropical Paradise and Garden Retreat

One of the featured gardens of the festival was created by Clare James Landscape Design in 2012. Clare,  was brought in to renovate the garden of “Taringa” after a stunning contemporary architecturally designed extension was added to the house.   The result, which has grown and matured since the original renovation, is now a beautiful private backdrop for this peaceful retreat.

The planting in Taringa has been carefully chosen to survive the harsh climate and poor soil quality typical to Queensland, and I managed to overcome these obstacles beautifully with rich, lush green planting that has a decidedly tropical feel. Soft, sloping lawns are punctuated with stunning feature plants and gentle flowering borders that sit beautifully together with hard landscaping features that lead from the house.

As a Queensland director of AILDM and one of only six featured gardens on this day – and also an organiser of the event –  I’m very much looking forward to the Hidden Design Festival.


What’s In The Hidden Design Festival For You?

Taringa and the other featured gardens in the Hidden Design Festival are private gardens which have benefited from the attentions of some truly gifted designers. Visiting these spaces is your chance to see some beautiful examples of contemporary garden design and enjoy a peaceful and inspiring day outdoors.

If your garden is feeling a little tired, then this is the perfect opportunity to explore some amazing creative garden spaces that you’d never normally be able to see. Hopefully you’ll find exploring these hidden gems will get your creative juices flowing and inspire you to look at your own garden from a new perspective and apply some of the ideas you encounter in your own home.

We Have to Thank the Owners

While Clare James Landscape Design and the other designers have taken the time to revisit their creations and put in the work to bring them up to their best, the real thanks and praise for this event go to the owners of Taringa and the other houses and gardens featured in this event. Without their generous willingness to allow so many garden lovers to explore their private grounds, there would be no Hidden Design Festival at all.