Landscape Design

“Bring your dream garden to life with inspiring, original landscape design”

Clare James Landscape Design provides a landscape and garden design service that is uniquely tailored to your particular needs.

We plan and design beautiful and practical planting schemes in a wide range of garden styles to match our fantastic Queensland climate and your personal requirements for maintenance and use.

Landscape Design BrisbaneLandscape Design BrisbaneLandscape Design BrisbaneLandscape Design Brisbane


Beautiful, Functional Garden Design

We’re not exaggerating when we say that a beautiful, well-planned garden can change the way you live.

By creating a functional outdoor space that you genuinely love to use, great landscape design enriches your life by becoming a living, breathing extension of your home.

While many people call on landscaping services to create their outdoor spaces, these solutions lack the originality and detailed planning that a good landscape designer provides.

As trained and experienced landscape designers, we work closely with our clients to create an imaginative yet practical space where every corner is thought-out and planned.

We work with the practical challenges of your garden to create attractive, useable spaces and lush, hardy planting that will continue to grow and improve.

Flowing HairHorticultural Creations and Sustainable Design

Our Brisbane Landscape Design service is the brainchild of award-winning landscape designer Clare James, whose horticultural expertise and many years of experience has won her recognition and praise in the gardening world.  Skilled at creating a wide range of garden designs and styles, Clare applies her creative flair and sharp eye for detail to creating original gardens that inspire and delight.

Your relationship with Clare James Landscape Design starts with a detailed consultation to understand your garden space and match the plans and planting to your lifestyle needs.

We design beautiful planting schemes in a wide range of different garden styles, from charming cottage gardens to contemporary subtropical schemes, carefully matched to your soil, climate and level of gardening expertise.

With a passion for sustainability and edible gardens, we enrich our designs with creative solutions to reduce waste, save energy and enrich and improve your garden’s soil, building-in opportunities to grow your own food wherever we can.

Garden Water FeatureIs Clare James Landscape Design for you?

From detailed garden consultations and planting advice for DIY gardeners, to a full design-and-install service for our less hands-on clients, we can match our services to your budget and plan planting for the lifestyle you crave.

Whether you have an existing garden requiring restoration, or a bare, dry and soulless new-build yard, landscape design is the basis for bringing your garden to life. If you love the idea of an outdoor space but don’t know where to start, then investing in a garden consultation can create clarity, direction and a sustainable planting plan that will transform the way you look at your outdoor space.

Working with a landscape designer to plan, plant and install your garden is an investment in your future, with a beautiful, fully integrated garden revitalising your garden and improving the value of your home. Our Brisbane-based landscape design service is the perfect solution for anyone wishing to maximise the potential of their garden with the magic combination of in-depth plant knowledge and creative, timeless design.


If you’d like to know more about how Clare James Landscape Design can help you transform your outdoor space, then please get in touch today.

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