“Beautiful Gardens By Design”


Clare James


An expertly designed landscape and beautifully created garden space by Clare James benefits you in many ways :

You’ll enjoy a greater and infinitely more beautiful living space

Your landscape design will suit your lifestyle, your hobbies, your habits

Having the right plant selection and sustainable design can save you money

The right design can increase the value of your property





Garden Design BrisbaneWhatever your passion, whatever your lifestyle and living space, Clare brings you a garden design to enhance it :

Building a new home – bridge that gap between the builder leaving and the landscaper planting & paving

Garden renovations – refresh tired gardens and bring them back to life

Green walls – a clever way to garden and decorate with greenery in limited space

Edible gardens – get help establishing your own patch of nourishment and see it thrive

Apartment and balcony styling – small spaces require a special type of garden design know how

Families thrive in useable spaces – make the most of your living space by extending it into the great outdoors

Exterior styling – we often use pots, furniture, features, screens and artwork to personalise your space




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